Have more compassion and be kinder to yourself

2017 - It’s time to focus on yourself this year.

This does not mean you have to do something you do not enjoy doing, like going on a diet or exercising for hours, because when you dread doing something, or do it only because you think you should, your initial motivation won’t last long and it’s very likely you will quit by February.

We are all guilty of trying this, there is a reason every gym class is suddenly fully booked in January….. 

When we talk about taking care of yourself it’s instead about the simple things that will make you feel like life is a little more under your control.

  • Treat yourself. Why not book a spa treatment, a massage or facial? With various voucher deals available a little bit of luxury might be surprisingly affordable.
  • Keep yourself well-groomed and go get your hair done. This will help lift your mood because it can boost your confidence by making you feel like you have more control over your appearance and life in general.
  • Get into bed an hour earlier instead of watching that TV show you don’t even really like. We can all be guilty of a Netflix binge (or two) but the benefit of full night’s sleep outweighs cramming in those extra two episodes.
  • Give yourself some time to make new and exciting (and healthier) meals every day. No need to starve yourself, just make sure the things you eat are good for your body and will give you the energy to keep going throughout the day.
  • If you find it hard to motivate yourself to exercise, make it exciting by trying new activities rather than spending hours out running. There are plenty of fun ways to exercise. For example perhaps try a Zumba, aerial yoga or a trampoline workout class.