Bright Light is a charity and the largest provider of relationship counselling in Scotland, offering a comprehensive range of services throughout the Lothians.

We offer a welcoming, safe, and confidential space to express your thoughts and feelings about what is happening in your life. with a simple self-referral form available that enables you to arrange your first meeting.

Counselling can help you - and others important to you - understand, communicate and deal with things that you are finding challenging and preventing you from enjoying life to the full.

Counselling will help you plan for a better future and we will support you all the way in achieving your goals. Last year we helped over 1,400 people to do just that.

Couples, individual people, families, children and young people, same sex partners, blended and extended families... whoever you feel is important in your life and should be part of your relationship journey. We will help you if you're thinking of staying together, separating, or are going through a divorce. We will support you if your relationship has ended. We will help if you’ve lost someone close to you. If you’ve experienced something traumatic or are struggling to cope with any kind of major change in your life we will help build your confidence and resilience, help you set and achieve your goals. 

We will support you to achieve a better future. You can arrange a welcome meeting here.

We've been supporting people for over 70 years, take a moment to see what we are doing and how you can help us by checking our support us page.

Can we help you?

We recognise and welcome all relationships, whether you're married, in a civil partnership, living together, in a less formal relationship, separated or divorced and whatever your age, race, personal beliefs, sexual orientation or social background.

We strongly value the rich diversity of all clients and continually look for ways to provide a dynamic and inclusive service. We pride ourselves in valuing and respecting each person as unique and the distinctive nature of each relationship. 

How much will it cost?


 We value each person enquiring about our services and you can expect a warm professional welcome when you contact us. Our receptionist will arrange a welcome meeting which will help us clarify your needs and goals and recommend which service is best for you. You will be asked to pay £29 to book this initial meeting. You can also arrange a welcome meeting by completing a simple on-line form.

After that, sessions with our professional counsellors usually last an hour and we ask you for a contribution of £70 to Bright Light to help cover our costs. If you find you would be struggling to afford this we have a sliding scale of contributions based on income. Please speak to us in confidence and we will agree an affordable amount. We will not turn you away.

What can we do for you?


Bright Light is committed to offering you the best range of confidential face to face professional support to meet your changing needs. All of our counsellors are specialists, selected to ensure we offer you the best support we can when you need it most. 

See our range of supporting leaflets in the   resource   hub

See our range of supporting leaflets in the resource hub