My first week


My first week and what we do

With a passion for social media and helping others, I knew this position was a great opportunity. 

Bright Light is a charity that offers high quality and professional counselling to everyone no matter what. They offer support to those who are struggling with issues in their life and help them achieve a brighter future by building on their strengths and empowering them when it comes to life challenges. 

My first week at Bright Light as their Media Assistant has been nerve-wracking yet exciting.
I have been warmly welcomed and introduced to the lovely team behind Bright Light… well some of the team. I was surprised to learn that there are over 40 people all working together to provide the excellent, friendly and approachable service to all in Edinburgh and Lothians.

I have been learning the ropes and gaining a further understanding of managing media for Bright Light. I have also began creating content to share with our clients and others via the blog in order to help remove the stigma surrounding counselling.

During my time here I look forward to promoting Bright Light further whilst producing content, developing and learning new skills, and also connecting with you.