Big Lottery Fund Award


The Big Lottery Fund 

The Big Lottery Fund is renowned for its commitment to improving communities through funding projects that put people in control. The Big Lottery Fund has become a vital resource to numerous charities across Scotland and truly enables people to change their lives for the better.

Bright Light has been awarded funding from The Big Lottery to continue our vital work with families across Edinburgh and The Lothians. Our charity will be celebrating its 70th anniversary later this year and our focus has always been on supporting people to improve their relationships.  By working with our dedicated family therapists, families learn how to understand each other’s experiences and views.  Family therapy enables people to build on family strengths and to make useful challenges in their relationships and lives - as individuals and as a family.

In the past 12 months we have had an increase of 30% in referrals to our family therapy team. We have also been able to expand the scope of work to include outreach to individuals and families with learning difficulties. Our systemic family therapy project started out as a nine month pilot and during this period it became evident just how much this service was needed and valued by the community.  Like many charities we would not be able to offer these services to families in need without the support of our funders and clients.  The grant that Bright Light has received from The Big Lottery Fund will help us continue to build stronger relationships across local communities - building a stronger Scotland.