Your welcoming team

At Bright Light our reception team are passionate about valuing each person who comes through our doors. We guarantee a warm welcome within a safe and confidential setting that will continue throughout your journey with us. 

Julie Hogg-Weld, CEO

Tim McConville, Counselling practice manager

Louisa Richardson, Client relationship manager

Our board

 Jim Lyall, Chair

Elspeth Turner, Vice Chair

Kareen Rodger, Treasurer

Roz Brooks

Nick Child

Alistair Marquis

Jackie McRae

John Rowan

Kate-Anna Macleod

Angela Valerio



Bright Light counsellors

Your counsellor will be professionally trained and either qualified or in the final stages of their diploma level training and adhere to the Cosca Statement of Ethics and Code of Practice. Many of our counsellors are specialists in their field. 

All our counsellors receive ongoing professional supervision provided by Bright Light and Relationships Scotland Counsellors receive both regular individual and group supervision with external supervisors as well as further development workshops throughout the year.