Elspeth Turner, Chair

Elspeth joined the Board in 2012 and has since 2013 also been one of six Relationship Scotland board members nominated by a member service. Elspeth became Chair of the Bright Light Board in March 2019.

An economic and social historian by trade, she moved out of academia to work with a team supporting young people facing economic, social or cultural barriers to choosing and accessing higher education courses they had the wish and potential to succeed on. As Director of Lothians Equal Access Programme for Schools (LEAPS) she gained experience of multi-agency working, management of staff, volunteers and projects, fundraising and committee work. Moving later to the Scottish Funding Council for Further and Higher Education, she worked in the areas of policy making, strategic planning, governance and monitoring and evaluation.

She has also over the past decade or so been involved as a researcher, report author or editor/proofreader in a number of projects, many of them with an international focus. Project themes range from aspects of child exploitation and the recovery and reintegration of trafficked children to the links between landscape, folk tales and local stories.

A keen supporter  of the work of the Scottish Storytelling Centre, she enjoys stories of all kinds, family and friends and growing and making things.

Julie, CEO, reports directly to Elspeth as Chair and to the full Board of Trustees.

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