Früh and Spargel look for the Kelpies


Früh, a seven-year-old brown labradoodle, and Spargel, a four-year-old golden doodle, have heard The Kelpies are going to be shining very bright this week in the Bright Light brand colours as we celebrate 70 years, and neither of them wanted to miss out on the action!

Recently, the doodles have been on quite the adventure searching high and low for the two Kelpies. They’ve been climbing on top of trees to get a good view of what’s around them… but no Kelpies were found in the woodlands.

They’ve even been getting the sand in between their paws as they dig to find The Kelpies… but have had no luck there either.

But after a lazy Sunday, they were back on the hunt to find the two Kelpies on Monday, and this time, they followed their senses and before they knew it, Früh and Spargel had found themselves standing in front of two giant horse heads lit up in blue!

They have finally found The Kelpies, and just in time too!

The Kelpies will be lit up for a week to mark the 70th Anniversary of Bright Light.