Leith Links award

Leith Links © The City of Edinburgh Council

Leith Links © The City of Edinburgh Council

Relationships matter in sunny Leith Links

Thank you Leith!
Loneliness is a subject that is very close to my heart, we all know the feeling of being alone but chronic loneliness is something altogether different. Its debilitating, crushing and can seem impossible to escape from. Loneliness isn’t just about being isolated, you could be the life and soul of any party but can still be the loneliest person in the room if you don’t have a deep and meaningful connection with at least one person in your life. Loneliness can come into your life through many different ways, whether it's physical illness preventing you from leaving the house, financial pressures, social circumstance or any number of things.

I am fortunate enough to work both as an intern counsellor but also as part of the management team at Bright Light, and this year I got the chance to write my first funding bid through Leith Links Community Council. I immediately knew that I wanted to create a project helping people overcome loneliness through counselling. Leith is a vibrant and diverse area of Edinburgh and Bright Light has a proud history of working with the community of Leith through our young person counselling. For all the wonderful events and community activities in Leith I knew that there were people not able to engage with the community as they were battling loneliness. 

After a lot of hard work, on-line campaigning and attending an exceptional social voting event in the Leith St. Andrews Church, I am absolutely delighted to say that our bid for funding was successful. We are all so grateful to everybody who took the time to come and meet us and voted for us on line. 

In the near future we will be working with four couples and/or individuals from the Leith Links area to empower them to reconnect with themselves, the people that matter most to them and of course their local community, Leith.