Roz Brooke

Roz was the former Chair of Bright Light up until February 2016 when she stood down but fortunately agreed to remain on the Bright Light Board. She went to Keele University and then taught English as a foreign language in Berlin and London. 

Roz came to Scotland in 1980 with two small children. Trained as a Gestalt psychotherapist between 1985 and 1989 and practised privately until 2000. She then worked at Telford College in Edinburgh as the Counselling Programme Team Leader, writing and assessing counselling training for SQA. She was then invited to join the Senior Management Team from 1998 until retirement in 2007 when she was Head of the School of Care Health and the Sciences.

Since retirement Roz has been on a number of Boards, including Health in Mind and Bright Light. She is also an external assessor for counselling training for Scottish Qualifications Authority.

Widowed in 2010.  Roz is the proud grandmother of three delightful bouncy grandchildren!