Nick Child

Nick was born in 1948 in India. son of a Methodist missionary family. He attended boarding schools both in India and England. 

In 1965 he came to Edinburgh to study Medicine, followed by specialist training in Psychiatry and then Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Nick's main career has been as a consultant 1981-2003 commuting to Lanarkshire (mainly Motherwell) in the peripheries of excellence, to build a family-systems teamed-up approach to Children and Adult Mental Health Services (CAMHs).

Nick then retired to do lots of other things including being part of the Family Therapy team at Bright Light. He has campaigned for teamed-up relationship approaches in the non-statutory sector, applying learning from North America's models of non-statutory sector working, couple and family therapy (much more united than in the UK),  relationship education and high conflict separated families (especially Child and Parental Alienation). 

He stepped down from the Bright Light family therapy staff team in order to join the Bright Light board in Nov 2014.  

As well as keeping in touch with the family therapy team's work at Bright Light and attending our Board meetings, Nick now also focuses on raising awareness and help for Alienation.