Tesco Stores

Tesco customers are given a token, with every transaction, to vote for their preferred community project. Our name is included in the vote, along with the other two successful projects in our region and voting will take place from Tuesday 1st May to Saturday 30th June 2018. The project with the highest number of votes across the region will receive up to £4,000, the second placed project up to £2,000 and the third placed project £1,000. We will know the amount of funding we will receive at the end of July.

Voting runs from now until 30th June 2018

If you would like to vote for us you can do so at any of the stores listed here:

  • Tesco Express Earl Grey Street EH3 9BN
  • Tesco Express Princes Street EH2 4BL
  • Tesco Superstore Broughton Road (D) EH7 4EW
  • Tesco Express Dundas Street EH3 6JN
  • Tesco Express  EH8 7NG
  • Tesco Express Fountain Park EH3 9QG
  • Tesco Express Holyrood EH8 8AU
  • Tesco Superstore Leith EH6 8DL
  • Tesco Metro EH8 9EW
  • Tesco Express South EH1 1LS
  • Tesco Express Great Junction Street EH6 5LJ
  • Tesco Express Leith Walk Edinburgh EH7 5HW
  • Tesco Express Picardy Place EH1 3JT

Thank you for your support.